Test Requirements

Educator Certification

Students seeking initial teacher certification need to satisfy certain exam requirements:

TSI (Texas Success Initiative) Assessment
The TSI test is designed to evaluate your critical thinking and analytical skills. The state requires that you pass the TSI* prior to beginning your field-based experience.

TSI Assessment
Score Section
Reading 359
Mathematics 359
Writing Multiple Choice & Essay 363 with an essay of (6)

*Exemptions to taking the TSI:

  • SAT scores: 1070 composite score in Verbal and Math
  • ACT scores: 26 composite score composed in English and Math
  • Bachelor's Degree: If you have already completed a bachelor's degree, you are exempt from taking the TSI.

*Although Military service provides some TSI exemptions for the purpose of college admissions, it does not provide an exemption to passing the TSI as part of the Educator Preparation Program. Veterans enrolled as undergraduates must still take the TSI unless they qualify for one of the exemptions above.

TExES (Texas Examination of Educator Standards)
The state uses these exams (formerly called ExCET) to measure an educator's competency in their specific field and in overall education theory. To become a certified teacher in Texas, you must pass both of these exams.

Registering for the TExES Test
Each time you wish to take a TExES test, you must notify the College of Education and Human Development by submitting your request electronically via the TExES Approval Request (TAR) site. Before registering, make sure you have met all prerequisites (talk with your program coordinator). The system will respond to your request via your Islander email.

For detailed information on using TAR and registering for TExES, please visit the steps for registering site.

After carefully reading steps for registering, proceed to the TAR site to register.

Contact State Rose Zuniga at 361-825-2433 for any questions about TExES.

*Plan ahead: the TAR web site shuts down at noon on the day before the regular registration deadline to process all existing requests. If you submit your request late, you will be charged additional testing fees. TAR does not operate on most holidays or on spring break. Some "request to test" deadlines may differ from ETS regular registration deadlines.

For more details, visit the College of Education and Human Development's TExES page.

Bilingual Target Language Proficiency Test (BTLPT)
If you are seeking Texas teacher certification in EC-6 Core Subjects (Bilingual), the state also requires that you demonstrate listening, speaking, reading, and writing proficiency in Spanish. This is in addition to the three TExES exams.