Texas Examinations of Educator Standards

Anyone seeking certification in Texas must take the TExES Examinations of Educator Standards offered by the Texas Education Agency's (TEA) State Board for Educator Certification. Pearson is the testing vendor for the TEA. We provide this web site as a resource to help connect our students with testing information specifically applicable to them.

For any information not discussed here, please contact Pearson at 1-800-989-8532 or visit Pearson Vue.

If you're planning to get certified:

Get started now.

  • Start preparing for your content exam as soon as you are fully admitted to the Teacher Education Program. Contact Rose Zuniga to get started.
  • Get your certification plan from either your academic advisor (if you're an undergraduate) or from TAMUCC Certification Officer Rose Zuniga (if you're a grad student), and start taking your prerequisites. Use your certification plan to see which exams your area requires.

Plan ahead.

  • You must pass your content area exams before being admitted to student teaching, which is why it is important to start the process as soon as possible.
  • Be aware that testing requires several application steps, and missing deadlines will result in additional fees.
  • Review the TExES test preparation resources provided by Pearson.
  • Most TExES exams now cost $116, plus a convenience fee added by the state, for a total of $119.20.


Other things to know:

Corpus Christi has three testing locations:

  • Test Center: 4639 Corona, Suite 65, 361-945-7200
  • Pearson Professional Centers: 4646 Corona, Suite 175, 361-814-5872
  • Business Communication Solutions: 4646 Corona, Suite 215, 361-248-1532

If you are testing elsewhere, use Pearson's seat availability tool.