Steps to TExES Testing

Educator Certification

Before you can take certification exams, you must complete all coursework preparation, complete all pre-assessment requirements, and then be recommended by your university. The TAMUCC system for submitting a request for approval is called TAR (TExES Approval/Request).

Before TAMUCC will grant approval through TAR, you must meet several requirements. Undergraduate students must be admitted to Teacher Education, and graduate students must be admitted to the graduate program. (Contact Rose Zuniga for details.) Students who have completed their certification program will not be required to meet prerequisites.

To be more marketable and to meet the NCLB definition of "highly qualified," plan to pass all required certification exams before completing your certification program.

Content exams
To take a content exam, be sure you have met all prerequisites before requesting to test. Contact your content area program coordinator for information.

PPR exams
To take a Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities exam, you must complete the PPR preparation requirements, take & pass the pre-assessment exam, and then submit a request for testing approval via TAR.

Steps to testing


Each time you wish to test, you must notify TAMUCC via our electronic request system at  The request process takes time, as we must ensure candidates have met all preparation and eligibility criteria. TAR does not operate during holidays or spring break. Please plan accordingly.

TAR requires you to register by setting up a password protected account. Fields will prepopulate for future requests. Follow the instructions on the screen to set up your account. Be sure to return to the home page, log on to your new account, then submit your request to test.

Enrolled students must use their islander email address. Check this email frequently. Type your information accurately and read posted definitions carefully. Be aware that using the scroll button will change your responses. Errors will delay the request process. Content required approvals will be generated via TAR. You will receive two emails from TAR; one when you have submitted your request, and one when you have been approved. After your information has been uploaded to TEA, another email will be sent notifying you to follow procedures for registering and scheduling an exam via Person.

NOTE: You will not see your tests listed on the Pearson website until TAMUCC has uploaded your information.


Get a TEA ID number
Only upon admission to Teacher Education Program will candidates seeking initial state certification be given procedures for creating their Educator account to receive a TEA ID number.

If you have an account, log into your TEAL account and update your information using this link. If you have an account, update your information. (NOTE: do not register at the TEA site as this is where you apply for your initial certification.)


Set up a Pearson account
As of Sept. 1, 2018, Texas educator candidates need to create a Pearson testing account. Once your account is created, any Texas educator examination testing history since 2006 will be available in your Pearson account, including prior score reports. Important: Information in your TEA Educator account and your Pearson Vue account must match exactly, or you will not be able to register.

Note: There are no changes to the process for creating a TEAL account.


Register to test with Pearson
Before registering online, review registration and scheduling procedures in the Pearson manual (pdf). You will see the test(s) you have been approved to take. If no tests are listed, you have not been approved by TAMUCC to test and your information has not been uploaded to TEA. Refer to TAR step 1 above.

If you have TAR questions not answered within this site, please contact Rose Zuniga at 361-825-3074. If you have questions about the registration process, contact Pearson at 1-800-989-8532.